Monatliche Anwesenheitstabelle

Monatliche Anwesenheitstabelle

Tomasz Cybulski
1 vor einem Monat

The monthly attendance table is a graphical representation of your players' attendance at classes and matches. The template of the table is illusionally similar to the one known from the school's paper diaries. The table creates automatic summaries of the attendance of each player.


The table shows the data on trainings and matches in an aggregate. Icons symbolize the presence of a player at the training or the reason for his absence. Symbols for matches (empty circle or full circle) indicate the calling to the first lineup or on the bench of the reserve. If you complete the match statistics, the time played by the player will appear in the table. At the top of the page you have checkboxes that allow you to change the displayed months as well as to narrow the statistics of the table to one selected player. In the last column and in the last row of the table you will find summaries of the player's attendance in the month and the team's attendance at a given training session.

Unter der Tabelle befindet sich ein Tortendiagramm, das die Anwesenheit für den ausgewählten Datenbereich im gewählten Monat anzeigt. Es ist erwähnenswert, dass dieses Diagramm interaktiv ist. Wenn Sie auf den roten Bereich klicken, zeigt das Diagramm detaillierte Daten über die Gründe für die Abwesenheit bei Trainingseinheiten an.